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Business Reality

How many times in you professional or personal life did you have to say: “Great idea,

How often did you see lots of excitement and energy about a potential business idea result in frustration or in a project team which never got started?

How much do you wish for real “innovation“ to be part of your business without actually disrupting the smooth running of the company?

You’ve been in a number of workshops where people brainstorm, do multiple SWOT charts, talk about design thinking and scenario planning. A decent powerpoint presentation is usually produced and sent to many colleagues, for information. All good proposals do not seem to get much traction in your organization.

We can make it work for you.

Based on the business challenges you want to master and tricky questions you need to answer, we design and facilitate a structured short programme to enable your people think out of the box and close the “knowing-doing” gap.

We design a workshop for your team to travel through the innovation process: switching between Divergent and Convergent thinking, to Rapid Prototyping to Accommodation phase.

In two hours you will get a list of ideas and an assessment of feasibility.

In two days your team will create a prototype, a business plan, an implementation plan, and will present it to the decision makers - you can expect concrete output and you will know how to make it work in your context and environment.