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Winning through collaboration

You are surrounded by great people, experienced professionals, brilliant minds – you wish they could all work together in a more productive and effective way, building on each other’s strengths and seeing differences as an opportunity to come up with even a better solution.


The Team Management Systems approach helps individuals to understand how personal energies combine to create great teams. The language and visual models are an integral part of the Team Management Systems approach. They make it easier and quicker for people to link with each other in a straightforward way, resolve problems and achieve results.

We focus on the real world of work

Individual and team development is placed clearly within the context of concrete business goals. Personal motivation and fulfilment is balanced by the focus on organisational objectives. By understanding individual preferences, you can more easily build balanced teams, fix broken teams, and accelerate and enhance performance.

How can you use it for your team?

Once the objectives are discussed and agreed, we will provide you with a template for communication to the team – you can write your own, of course.


It usually takes a 20-min on-line self-assessment prior to the workshop. Your facilitator, a certified TMS practitioner, will generate individual and team profiles for each member. These are going to be explained and discussed at the workshop. Through personal reflection and various team activities you as a team will decide on the actions going forward towards becoming a more effective team.

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