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It's about the future

What would you like it to be in 5 years’ time? How will you know you’ve got it? What are the ways to get there?We ask these and other questions to help you define success, for you personally and foryour team. Vision is something you see and feel, it will inspire, and it will bring coherence inyour decision making.We will use various tools and methods to create clarity, confidence and alignment.

How to take people along

If you have a Vision already and need to engage others around you, then Storytelling comes helpful. Storytelling is a technique where a leader is tasked with reframing an organisation’s past, present, future, problems, needs, desires, and hopes using a narrative built on salientmetaphors to help people understand and connect with the Vision. You don’t need to be a journalist and often you don’t need a ghost-writer to come up with an interesting story - it is quite natural to a human brain; this ability transcends cultures. And you were pretty good at it yourself – just remember what you told your parents about the torn jacket and all the stories you told teachers about the lost book or major obstacles you encountered on the way to school. Some say that stories are better than numbers. Our experience taught us that stories with numbers are even more impactful.

How important is a Strategy, really?

Even if you lost your trust in strategy exercises, SWOTS and 5 Cs, you are still doing it. Why? May be because a human being is wired for planned action. And strategy is nothing more than a high level plan to achieve one or more goals under conditions of uncertainty. (Wikipedia) Uncertainty calls for being flexible and prepared. In 6 steps we will help you objectively and subjectively consider the options which will bring your Vision to life, how to decide on the way forward and be able to correct the plan along the way.